In a classroom
Virgen del Pilar, 18th Avenue, East Rembo, Makati

This is blog is also about other cities in Metro Manila, such as Makati. The longer it takes before a non Manila photo shows up, the easier it would be for me to reconsider this as an exclusively Manila blog, which isn’t bad but I like the challenge and there really are stuff elsewhere. I actually wanted a photocentric blog about all things philippine but I haven’t travelled that much and the last thing I need is the pressure to travel, considering my sked and stuff. Plus, I really like the idea of limiting things to just your city.

Last school year I have been invited to be a graduation picture photographer of sorts to this school. I had the chance to take some pictures of the school and its students.

Just some notes, Virgen del Pilar is established by the the Daughters of Saint Anne some time around mid 1990s. They do not have a website yet so I can’t verify that right now but since it’s within the neighborhood I was personally a witness to its growth from mere nursery into an established preschool, whatever that means.