Harbour Square, Malate, Manila

Singkit is a Filipino term which can be translated as slanted eyes. Some Filipinos carry this attribute obviously. However the term was attributed to the local Chinese since most of them then, and maybe until now, carry the feature more prominently than the locals. Singkit is a neutral term and isn’t considered derogatory at all, except of course when it is delivered in a demeaning way. In fact, carrying slanted eyes or being a ‘singkit’ is actually considered fashionable here especially in the cities.

Therefore, the ‘Great New York Takeout’ restaurant that is Singkit is actually an American sytled resto serving primarily Chinese food- Szechuan, Canton and possibly even much more cuisines, with a very distict Filipino flair. A person can enjoy a full meal in Singkit for around 150.00 PHP. That’s just a little bit more than 3.00 USD.


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