400 in 2011

Main Building, University of Santo Tomas
España Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila

Celebrating its quadricentennial anniversary in 2011 (that’s 3 years from now), the University of Santo Tomas is one of the oldest institutions of learning in the Philippines and is actually the country’s first ever to receive university status (1645). By 1927 UST relocated from Intramuros to its present Sampaloc campus due to the growth of its academic population.

Today, UST is still one of the most prestigious universities in the country, with several degrees recognized as Centers of Excellence by the local Commission on Higher Education and with an ever growing number of reputable graduates- among them saints, Philippine presidents, heroes, religious figures and even celebrities.

UST has tons of celebrated landmarks in its beautiful campus. The Main Building is probably the most iconic and popular. And because of that today’s post isn’t going to be the last one that will feature this building (even this university).


2 thoughts on “400 in 2011

  1. Wow. Your blog is awesome. Thanks for the add in the blogroll I will return the favor. You have beautiful photos of Manila. So happy you decided to join in the Daily City Blog fun. You showed Manila in your different way– culturally and architecturally rich and beautiful.

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