Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
Postigo corner General Luna, Intramuros, Manila

A close up of the façade arch that carries the cathedral’s main door. If you’re wondering why I keep on posting images of the same area, even the same building, that’s because I haven’t been going around much lately and I find it actually nice to dwell on details which make something so gorgeous, like the way these patterns makes the whole building richer and stuff. Heck, they aren’t called ornaments for nothing eh.

Also I’m having difficulty with the transfer of the photographs I have recently taken with my camera to the computer. I want to go shoot Timog and Cubao, Ortigas, Makati CBD, Lawton and Arroceros, Santa Cruz, Ongpin, Hidalgo, Carriedo and everything Quiapo, Guadalupe Viejo, Rockwell and Poblacion in Makati, even Intramuros (again) and UP Diliman (but there isn’t a reason to travel anymore). And since this blog is so Manila-centric and it’s losing the Metro word I intend to do Pateros and Marikina. I wish I’m not pretending to be busy.


4 thoughts on “jump

  1. Pretty details!

    And I’ve been too Quezon City-centric! Hahaha! Live here, work here, work until Saturday, chores on Sunday — what can I do? Although I think I’ve posted a few Pasig and Makati pics. ;D

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