pleasure and neon

Girlie bars in bright neon
Roxas Boulevard, Pasay

The picture explains itself. They operate because technically it is not illegal to put up shows of choreographed dance moves, song numbers and even circus acts. Flesh trade is illegal though. So, when these boundaries are crossed, which isn’t unthinkable if you can solve the equation of an aroused crowd and a performer looking for extra cash, and the operator is explicitly promoting it within his territory (like duh), we have a problem.

It’s a power issue. Who objectifies and who’s objectified, who produces the goods and who consumes them, who’s implementing the law, and who can outsmart the law, who can negotiate better. This is funny, this is commerce 101. The tacky neon lights aren’t half bad and they give the nightlife a worldly charm to it.


5 thoughts on “pleasure and neon

  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog today. My husband had a brain stroke on Sunday and we are all praying for his recovery.

    I just wanted to tell you this, since I won’t be able to check the blogs I like on a regular basis for a while. We were to leave for the US on vacation this Saturday, so I posted lots of photos in advance….as if I had known.

    Please send positive thoughts our way.


  2. Thank you for returning my visit and adding my blog to your blogroll. I feel honored. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll too.

    You have a uniqe visual approach to your photographic subjects. I love this. This last post just didn’t load in my computer. Probably my internet connection is being very slow today. But I’ve had a sightseeing of your other pictures, and they are great.


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