Manila Bay sunset and people
(Manila Bay and) Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila

Who doesn’t love sunsets aside form people not so happy about what’s coming up the next day? Watch that quick golden moment by Manila Bay and you may love it even more. This place has one of the best views, guaranteed on a clear day. It’s so good it’s considered an attraction of sorts in itself already.

I was trying to fit the guy’s head into the sun to create a halo of sorts. It can’t happen without getting the background line and the people silhouettes screwed up. Since it’s street and all, I’ve to capture before the Jesus Christ moves. I was thinking it can be the last supper but there are 15 people in the group. JC, the 12, and the 2 Marys. Nevermind.

I have been pretty busy lately and only had spare time to do the daily post-upload, write entry, schedule post. I will be back to attend to everything else.