Inside the Abbey Church of Our Lady of Montserrat, San Beda College
Mendiola Street, San Miguel, Manila

Constructed in 1926, this abbey church is considered the center of a Bedan’s spiritual life. As El Colegio de San Beda upon its establishment in 1901, the institution’s mission was ‘to defend the Catholic battlements in the field of education’, according to the college’s website. San Beda College is one of the grand old tertiary institutions in Metro Manila that value tradition. But it is always open for new ideas and can adjust to the changes of today’s world, no matter how late.

By 2003, 101 years after its founding, San Beda opens up for female college students. Consequentially, this increase in student population forced the Elementary and High School students out to the suburbs that is Taytay, Rizal. San Beda has high academic standards and has consistently maintained its Level III PAASCU accreditation. Because of this SBC has produced a long list of reputable alumni across various fields. Probably the most prominent would be Benigno Aquino, the hero and figure of the history People Power Revolution of 1986, against the regime of then dictator Ferdinand Marcos. His memorial day was celebrated days ago.

Aside from that San Beda has also maintained a good record in the NCAA, one of the two premier intercollegiate leagues in Metro Manila. San Beda adopted the Red Lion school moniker by 1940, reflecting the English influence of Benedictine Father Sergio Martinez. Red was chosen obviously for its common interpretation- courage, both as a warrior and a martyr (the Catholic part). Reasons for the Lion are no less subtle. It’s the king of the jungle. It’s been said ever since and every National Geographic documentary on African wildlife confirms that statement.