look at the stars

Palacio Grande
Real Street, Intramuros, Manila

Palacio Grande used to be safe and boring white. Now it is striking yellow. When I took this photograph its yellow transformation isn’t complete yet, so i cannot take a full photograph of it as it’s still white in certain parts.

Other noticeable thing in this photo would be the disappointing power lines.  The issue of power lines in the Philippines, especially on aesthetically nice areas such as Intramuros, is a pathetic one. It had been brought up and talked about since and yet there isn’t any significant development in the issue.


3 thoughts on “look at the stars

  1. Wow, so much more handsome now! And I’ve always loved that building. Pero talaga, nakakainis nga yung mga power lines — I’m having trouble taking photos of buildings and houses because of them. I can’t even get a decent one of my high school because the cables run right across the name!

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