Cultural Center of the Philippines
Roxas Boulevard, CCP Complex, Pasay

It’s September 9, 2008. A year from now it would be triple 9, next year’s version of Beijing Olympics opening day. Will Paul McCartney (or his replacement) survive that day, like a back-masked turned on dead man? We’ll see.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex was a project of the Marcos Regime. On this reclaimed land by Manila Bay, National Artists and construction workers toiled to satisfy the grand ambitions of Imelda Marcos for her Manila, the “City of Man”. Some parts of it are still wonderful like the CCP main building and its grand fountain shown in this entry’s photograph. Some may benefit from some updating.

The bland gray finishing these buildings received, which was an in thing those days, do not give justice to the grandeur of their forms. Without dramatic lighting, they look helplessly boring. And good enough is never enough to Imelda Marcos. If she’s in power now, she would have given this a major makeover, just like in some crazy reality shows.

And another Beatles connection…

On a Beatles tour in Manila, the Marcos administration invited the band in the presidential residence, the Malacañan Palace. When the Beatles said no, all hell broke loose. The security awarded to them were taken away, the angry mob and their screaming fans attacked them. They barely escaped through Manila International Airport (now NAIA). Number nine, number nine, number nine.