Saint Vincent Building, Adamson University
San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila

The second one, in color and much closer. Although I would prefer whitewashed neoclassical buildings, especially in the case of the old Executive Building / National Museum, I really like this color scheme, and besides, the building has some different architectural elements and designs fused in the neoclassical base. Was it groundbreaking or fashionable back then?

I still don’t have much information regarding this building, aside from the fact that it was the university’s founding building in the ’30s. Between that time and today was that war, and this building stands so near Intramuros and Pasig River in an important district. Many buildings were casualties of Manila being an open city too late. I wonder whether this is 100% the original, 100% new, or was partially damaged then slightly repaired later. Whatever the case, it’s a pretty fine building I guess.