welcome to megamall

entrance to Megamall’s Building B (how creative)
Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, Pasig

SM Megamall is a very long mall, from above it looks like two shoeboxes connected by something. Funny because SM stands for Show Mart. And yeah, every local knows the almost legendary story of how this humble shoe store turned into a collection of successful and highly profitable malls (not to mention some of the world’s biggest) located in major Philippine cities (several in Metro Manila alone) with branches overseas (China).

The mall is still undergoing a makeover of sorts. The flowy thing that covers the long path leading to the entrance is new. Of course the ads change all the time but they weren’t there initially. Before, the facade is a boring stretch of a horizonally oriented canvas. There are some improvements too within the mall’s department store section.


One thought on “welcome to megamall

  1. Kahit anu pa man ang sabihin nila about Mall of Asia, I really love Mega Mall kasi when I was a kid, pag-pupunta kmi dito, iba talaga yung feeling! jejeje Great Shot!

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