a small park between Philippine Navy Headquarters and Cultural Center of the Philippines
Pedro Bukaneg Street corner Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila

Metro Manila isn’t as bike friendly as one would expect from a city in the Far East. But still, Manila has a lot of bicycle fans. Somewhere around this area, there are bikes for rent, but the limited space where one can freely bike is a major turn-off. I think the guy in the photograph is a commuter though.

I like this photo a lot because it reminds me of my plans, which is to cycle my way up to Claveria or Santa Ana in Cagayan or to Pagudpod in Ilocos Norte, whatever is the northernmost tip of this island. To cut the long story short, there’s this anime character who I can really identify with and he did a similar journey from Tokyo to the northernmost tip of Japan’s northernmost main island, Hokkaidō.

The Philippines is no Japan when it comes to public works and stuff which may prevent me from doing this but I’ve searched the net and learned that a guy from Eastern Visayas had completed such journey already. So it is possible. I just don’t have the money to buy even a decent second hand bike. Yet. So I’ll just continue testing my endurance in the gym’s cycle machine.


3 thoughts on “waltz

  1. I’m excited for you!!! Sige keep us posted on your plans of cycling! I have plans also of hiking around agusan del norte areas but I’m leaning towards the sedentary lifestyle lately after my trip to palawan so we’ll see. =)


  2. I have my own plans too. To comute by jeep (cutting trip ba) and by ferry or pumpboat from town to town covering the whole country. From the tip of Batanes down to Tawi-Tawi. Imagine the stock of photos I’ll be able to collect!! Hehehe.. seguro, hanggang panaginip lang ‘yan.

    I think the guy you’re referring to is the pedicab driver who drove his family on his pedicab from Luzon back to Leyte. It was more of a necessity though than to break a world record.

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