hello hello

palacio grande

a cochero
Anda Street, Intramuros, Manila

It used to be the primary mode of transportation here like everywhere else. Now it’s just a tourist thing. Fare can be expensive but if you want to have a quick look in the old Walled City that is Intramuros and you are without any idea where to start, these carriages or calesas may be a good idea.

At the back of the photo is Palacio Grade.


6 thoughts on “hello hello

  1. I love the vividness of this photo. What camera are you using? if you don’t mind me asking =) My mom and I tried this when we went to manila last january. It was fun! =)

  2. Thanks a lot. The only problem I have with this is the shadow and I should’ve redirected the flash into the cochero’s face. But that didn’t stop him from showing off his best smile!

    No prob. For this specific photo and most of the Intramuros photos I have posted so far, I used Cybershot H3. It’s no DSLR and possibly the cheapest among the bridge models back then but so far, I’m loving stuff it has produced. I’m glad you enjoyed the calesa ride. I think the calesa business in Intramuros is well managed and regulated. Elsewhere in Manila the horses do not look their best.

  3. Wow. You make Intramuros and the kalesa look so clean and pretty! Looks like they’re partly sponsored by DOT — may ‘Wow Philippines’ na nakapinta dun sa kalesa. Ang cute na matching yung shirt nung cochero sa kalesa niya.

  4. I soooo love this shot! To be really honest, I was mesmerized by the colors in this frame! I can still remember the time when we rode the kalesa on Laoag. When I steped up, the whole carriage went down. i nearly broke the carriage. So embarrassing! Shows how heavy I was that time jajajaja

    Great shot and thanks for the advice on my last post! I truly appreciate it^^


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