cafe bola

Cafe Bola
Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, MCBD, Makati City

As far as I know there are two Cafe Bola branches in Metro Manila, one in Greenbelt and another Araneta Center. The last time I have eaten in Cafe Bola was 5-6 years ago. And it was a friend’s treat. I remember how good the interior design is. Just look at that cute orange chair. The one in Araneta is really nice as well, at least based on an old BluPrint magazine issue I have here.

But I don’t remember anything about the food they serve, not even what’s on the menu. Is that something bad? Maybe. But then again that was at the very least 5 years ago (5 years x 365.25 x 2-3 meals a day = N), that’s a lot of meals to remember. I don’t even remember what I had yesterday for lunch.


4 thoughts on “cafe bola

  1. And I thought my memory was bad! LOL!

    The Greenbelt branch looks so much nicer than the Araneta one. I don’t remember the ‘bolas’ much either, but I do remember that I loved their kamias shake!

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