them cosplayers

Level Up! Live 2008, World Trade Center Metro Manila
Senator Gil Puyat Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard / Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City

That’s how a male priest and a female blacksmith should dress up in the world of Ragnarok Online. The guy is a guild master (or gm, a leader of sorts) of one of the best guilds in Valhalla server. That’s where I play too. The girl is my sister, who was forced by her brothers to dress up like that. So if I post more cosplay pics, you may see more of her. She enjoyed it anyway.

I just had time to arrange and edit the image files right now. My connection isn’t very cooperative either. It has been more than disappointing this past few months. Globelines, you suck.


3 thoughts on “them cosplayers

  1. One of these days, I have got to see this for myself! Cool costumes!

    Maybe it’s time for you to change ISPs? We haven’t had a problem with our PLDT DSL since a month after they moved to their new platform early this year.

  2. The costumes alone are enough reason to go see this. The big crowd may be a turn-off. It’s like a mall on a 3-day sale.

    Yea, I’ve been thinking about switching to PLDT. It’s just that it is not a good time to change the phone number. And I’m still hoping Globe would better their services since the whole process is such a hassle.

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