Level Up! Live 2008, World Trade Center Metro Manila
Senator Gil Puyat Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard / Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City

Yesterday the female blacksmith met a priest. Now she encounters a professor, a very powerful one.

And I failed to explain what cosplaying is. To those who aren’t familiar with it yet, cosplay stands for costume play. It is a performance art where its participants dress themselves up as a specific character. The ‘characters’ emulated by cosplayers are usually of East Asian origin, usually of Japan, usually from its manga and anime collections. But there’s actually tons of sources to look for characters to portray- comics, computer (online) games, fantasy, sci-fi, even classic literature and historical events.

Cosplaying does not end when the costume is worn. Especially when the character one is impersonating is popular, s/he doesn’t just have to look the part, one is also expected to act like the character, through accessories, props, reenacting famous scenes, saying famous quotes etc. And one has to be ready for the swarm of geeky fans like me who’d like to have a photo of/with you.