cosplay sagefan
Level Up! Live 2008, World Trade Center Metro Manila
Senator Gil Puyat Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard / Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City

Originally I intend to post LU! Live 2008 cosplay images in batches of 3 with other Metro Manila images/topics in between these sets. But it’s tough finding time for posting alone, I am again days behind after a supposed comeback. But nevermind, I’d rather save them other images for the future and continue this set.

For this entry’s picture we have a cosplayer dressed up as a Ragnarok Online sage, the anti-wizard, support type elementalist class in the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) interacting with a fan. I like this photo a lot because it sort of captured that interaction and the reactions of both enthusiasts, in fact, include the photographer in the scenario.

In Japan, so they say, cosplayers have this special relationship with their photographer admirers, who are usually male. On the surface level it’s a symbiotic (was that the term, I seem to forget things like this) relationship- the photographer getting a subject, a hero/ine (muse) and the cosplayer getting an audience, a fan and a free print copy of him/her wearing her inspiration in his/her performance.

The number on the girl’s costume, is actually a contestant number, indicating that this specific cosplayer is participating in the cosplay competition. And yea, a disclaimer first, I’m no stalker, but I actually found out that the girl in the photograph is a cosplay regular through Flickr. She’s got a really nice collection of costumes in her account.