SM Mall of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, Bay City, Pasay

Tobacco is one of the Philippines’ original cash crops. Along with hemp, coconut oil and the notorious cane sugar, tobacco kept the then colonial and highly agricultural economy of the archipelago okay. Philippine tobacco is pretty reputable too- not within the iconic status of Cuban cigar though. I can’t say it’s good. The largest I had ever was about half the diameter of a regular hefty cigar. And it’s from Havana. So much for being a Manileño, but when I can finally afford this, or when I cannot be satisfied by them Marlboros, Luckies and Dunhills anymore– and I’m trying to kick them out of my system– I’ll try local cigar, for fun.

Local cigarettes are definitely funny though. You know the ones specifically for the old ladies or ‘manangs’?