Christmas 2016: Promenade Mall

Promenade Mall
Missouri Street, Greenhills Shopping Center
Greenhills, San Juan

I expected to see so much more at Promenade, as it’s easily the most upscale mall in the Greenhills Shopping Center complex. Instead, we got lots of twinkling Christmas lights wrapped around anything wrap-able. The twinkling lights around the little starts add a nice touch, though, especially on those stars directly above the revolving door entrance.

Also, I’m sure that the white lanterns lined outside will add a subtle touch of elegance on its facade at night, but they’re not especially nice things to look at before it’s dark.

Christmas 2016 at the Promenade Mall

Front shrubbery is lined with white lanterns

The Christmas tree is a but a stack of white lanterns as well, but yeah, they’ll look cute when they’re all aglow. Sadly, I had no time that day to wait till it’s dark and shiny. Oh, at least they do have some live Christmas entertainment! But they probably happen at night too! What do you think? Do you like Promenade’s decorations this holiday season?


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