the universal

Our Lady of the Universe, OLGMS Main Chapel
EDSA corner Bernardino Street, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati

This statue used to stand out in its share of EDSA as it was a big statue, on top of a chapel, on top of a hill. Since the erection of the “Our Lady of Billboards”, that record breaking billboard paradise in EDSA Guadalupe, the statue has been obscured from the public eye.

The lower windows to the left of the image belong to a small discontinued memorabilia room which used to house religous artifacts. The chapel’s sacristy occupies the room above it.

minor seminary

Main Chapel, Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary
EDSA corner Bernardino, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati

In Catholicism, a seminary is an institution of learning of sorts for aspiring priests. Minor seminaries are institutions for young men who have, as early as high school level, already decided to become priests. Although some minor seminarians decide not to pursue priesthood after minor seminary, the Catholic Church nonetheless have kept these institutions to continue nourishing the vocations of the youth. Before 1955, the Archdiocese of Manila’s Minor Seminary is not considered as a separate entity.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary has been established since then and although now a few blocks away from its sister major seminary, San Carlos Seminary, it is still part of a bigger seminary complex occupying areas along EDSA in Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City. The Belgian CICM handled the administration of OLGMS until it was handed to the Diocesan Clergy in 1970. Since then 8 Filipino priests have assumed the role of Rector, which acts as the seminary head. The last 4 of them, Msgr. Mejino, Msgr. Odiver and Reverend Fathers Agustin and Garcia are all graduates of OLGMS.